>>> mass trespass 11/05/02
Hatfield Moor is Britain’s second largest remaining raised peat bog. Home to over 5,500 species, many of which are endangered, it is under threat from commercial peat extraction, to make garden compost. Years of peat mining have seriously degraded the moor, devastating the rich and diverse wildlife dependent upon it. However if mining stops NOW, it may still regenerate.

Hatfield Moor used to be common land, with common access and peat-cutting rights for local people (by hand of course). In the early 19th Century the government enclosed the land and then awarded it to individuals, the local church and school, etc. It was then possible to sell the land on. The enclosure of common land and its sale to commercial interests is the starting point for the environmental degradation seen today upon the moor.

Peat Alert is organising a mass trespass on Hatfield Moor in memory of Benny Rothman, leader of the original Kinder Scout Mass Trespass, who died on January 23rd, aged 90.

Benny was a tireless activist on countryside access, pensioners and workers rights and on many more issues, and was described as “a political and environmental workaholic”.

This trespass is also to protest against the enclosure and subsequent destruction of this ecologically important site. The trespass will provide access to the moor to many people who will never have seen the devastation first hand. Whilst there we will be stopping peat extraction and undertaking ecological restoration.

Meet 12 noon, with waterproof shoes, a packed lunch and plenty of water, at the Tyrham Hall Hotel, on the A614 south of Lindholme Prison. For more information call us on 0778 778 2259 or email us on info@peatalert.org.uk.