>>>spanner in the peat works

Scotts peat works, Hatfield MoorThere is plenty of potential to disrupt work in the offices and factory. It seems to be company policy that when protestors turn up they shut off all the machinery for safety reasons.



Here is a map of the works with information about the different buildings and their function.

  1. Offices plus staff canteenpeat works showing moor in background
  2. Security offices
  3. Garage
  4. Lorry park
  5. Incoming peat store
  6. Crushing plant
  7. Grading conveyor belt
  8. Peat processing, including addition of additives
  9. Final processing and bagging up
  10. Stores of bagged peat products
  11. Electricity sub-station
  12. Main Entrance

There are some CCTV cameras on site