>>>armchair anarchy

OK, so you find it difficult to leave that chair in front of the computer, or you're nowhere near Yorkshire and have no intention of coming here. Here's a couple of ideas for you.

>>We have some phone numbers, faxes and e-mails for several of Scotts management. Pester them so they can't work any more. Talk to them about peat if you want, or pretend you're selling them double glazing, say you're the police and their house is on fire, whatever.Design calling cards with their telephone numbers on and leave them around in phoneboxes. Send black paper stuck end to end so it makes a loop to their fax machine so they run out of ink. Subscribe them to e-mail mailing lists, book clubs, and so on.

>>If you're the sort of person who likes lobbying organisations then do that. But please pass on to us anything you find out - which local authorities or large landowners are peat free - what garden centres say about stopping selling peat - which commercial growers use Scotts products or other peat products - which companies supply services or subcontract to Scotts - what is going on with other peat workings and sites with permission for peat working around the country.